Sunday, 7 June 2009

照片时间part 2

这张我抓好久 美吧?
mr.lau n mrs.lau

cute mr.lau & mrs.lau

love love cake

drunk yenjo >.<
kena cupik neh..
her face was so so so red.......

our gay couple >.,
jt n hui
(dun hit me ya @@ )

kason 侄儿
he love me so much...
hug me until i almost cannot bac muar jor..>,<
he said wan bac muar v me ..

me n jchen

kason didi n johnson

2 ang bo...
>>>>>>> 牛嫂 配 牛仔
>>>>>>> 卡生 配 美雁

joyce n cowboy

jec n lemon
ah jec try to kiss me ...>,<
shy jor @@
big head johnson
dunknow y he wan me take this photo ?
自恋 @@

mushroom n shi3n

solo ....

yuki n jchen
act cool........ sweat

kenny @@ joyce

big head kenny
when he is driving .......
baby fat neh... so cute @@
jchen again ...@@ & lemon

cowboy try to kiss me too.....
where is 牛嫂 ?
kenny father & me
>> start moving lo....
lemon n xiang
>> he is hui brother,i know... dun lie me @@
>> 2 of us are different.......

johnson turn to kiss me...
is it lemon really so sweet ? wakaka
all try to kiss my face...
shy shy @@

joyce & ning
>>she was so leng tat day.. cute >,<
me & yuki
>> y me look like so old in this pic ?
>>yuki,u too young liao la... xD

bubu n johnson are kissing now ....
so sweet @@

lemon & fuifui

flies lemon @@ & mr.mushroom

lenglui caren & fat fat mushroon
joyce & 闷骚williams
>>>how long we take the pic har ?
>>>really so hard to take a nice pic v him ...@@

shi3n & k3nny & joyc3
>>>3 buddy hav a fat n cute face neh!!!!!

bubuling & joyce
>>she got the talent become the most " ai shui po " ...xD

big lenglui qiaowei & small lenglui joyce >.<
>>> qiaowei more leng n leng now.... muacksssssss

joyce @ xiang
>>>>ngong ngong ???

jchen again........@@
>>>> y u hc so many pic neh ?haha

long hair & tall ..really lenglui ally... & small lenglui joyce @@'''
>>>> everytime meet her, everytime shot by her electric..muakcssss
so many gay couple here...wakakaxD
johnson n kenny kiss kiss >,<
shumeen muimui & lemon jiejie
>>>always call me jiejie d muimui..
>>>more leng n u..

lenglui caren jie @ lenglui joyce
>>>>my "dai ka jie"... a jie,so miss u ..

me & coffee
>>>nice name ....i wan call u sleeping,can bo ?

lenglui joyce & lengzai kenny
>>> kenny look so lengzai in this pic neh...
>>> dun so song... @@

my buddy xiaozhapo sister ### shi3n
>>> she love to drink
>>> but she cannot drink
>>> cz she easy drunk
>>> then bcm a xiao zha po
>>> dun hit me, xD

yuki & me kiss kiss lo..
shy shy jor..
u all cannot c .. @@





i was finished to upload all the pic..
but still got many in my hand lo
if u want again
then msn me..
i will give u wat u want if i hv...
anyway, this is the pic i want to show n gv to u all
thx god...
dun ask me the pic again la..
all r the here...

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